We were so incredibly proud and honoured to be awarded a Honorary Diploma by the Danske Gastronomiske Akademi on Saturday the 6th of April. Especially with the company we were in. Congrats to all the other people and businesses that were given the diplomas. And thank you to the Danish Gastronomic Academy for thinking that we are creating something that deserves to be honoured.

Penyllan  is only the second brewery to be awarded the diploma in the 55 years the Academy has been giving them to people or businesses that have affected Danish gastronomy positively.  The first was Brøckhouse in 2014 which was the first modern micro brewery in Denmark so we feel are in distinguished company.

We were part of the awards ceremony and then a dinner afterwards where we got to celebrate with the other award receivers and members of the Academy. It was a glorious night! 

The other award receivers this year were:

Pia & Klavs from Styrbæk
Mikkel Friis-Holm from Friisholm Chokolade
Marianne & Svend Ove Jørgensen from Gaardbutikken Bodebjerg
Michael Museth from Butchers Manifesto
Birgitte Kastrup & Henrik Møller Kastrup from Osteborsen
Jens Skovgaard Pedersen from Cold Hand Winery
Heine Max Olesen from Seaman Chips
Ditte Ankjærgaard & Carsten Gydahl-Jensen from Frilands Snegle
And this is a translation of that our award was for, as written by the Academy…
Motivation: Jessica Andersen and Christian Skovdal Andersen opened Penyllan Brewery in 2015, which is located at the harbor in Tejn. They produce hand-brewed beer that is matured on barrels. Some of their beer has been underway for several years, which they now relase. Some of their beers have been released last year.
Jessica and Christian are internationally recognised for their creative, competent and experimental approach to barrel ageing of beer, and they have virtually achieved the status of being the “brewers brewers”, ie those that their colleagues are inspired by when developing new types of beer.