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Bornholm really spoils us in summertime with incredible fruits, herbs and vegetables. This year we went out to ‘urban forage’ for plums. When we say urban forrage, what we mean is going into peoples summer house gardens which are closed for the season and just helping them clean their trees and keep their lawns uncluttered with rotten fruit. It is a service! Its not stealing.

Anyway…. The beautiful Mirabelle plums grow all over the island. You now the Mirabelle from its small, oval shape, smooth-textured flesh, and especially by its red,¬†or dark yellow colour. The mirabelle reaches maturity and is harvested from July to mid-September here depending on the weather over summer. The traditional method of shaking the trees is how we generally do it as the ripe fruits are shaken loose and collected in a tarp under the tree.

After the collecting it was back to the brewery to clean and sort and test (eat a whole lot of) the product. We froze them all down so they would be ready in a couple of days to add into a beer. Then we had to find a beer to put them in.

After all the sorting into the different colours we ended up putting them all into one barrel. Barrel #109. A bordeaux barrel that we had a sour blonde ale we made with our Garden Party Culture that we topped up with some organic pale ale. 27kg into the 200L barrel. We are looking forward to seeing how this turns out!

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