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Another day and another truck pulls up at the brewery. We know the delivery men by name now as they come here almost daily. They even know where the key is so they can put stuff inside if we are not around.

But back to the barrels. Bourbon, Cognac, Brandy, Tequila and Sauterne barrels arrived today. They smelt incredible! The Sauterne barrel smelt so good that I wanted to take it home with me. I am not sure what I am going to do with the Tequilla barrels. Everyone seams to try and recreate a Margarita in them but I feel that is a bit pointless. If I want a Margarita I will just make one. I am thinking something dark. But I will keep thinking about it.

I thought we had so much space but I could have been wrong. But I also might not have factored in my barrel obsession. I want more!

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