We have a huge amount of blackberries growing on this island. The first year we lived here I spent every day during August picking them and making jams and sauces and desserts. They were great Christmas presents. But now we have barrels with beer and that is a much better use. about 25kg went into this barrel and a bit less in a few other barrels. The beers ranges from golden to brown ales. 

On a side note: Blackberries contain a wide array of nutrients including potassium, magnesium and calcium, as well as vitamins A, C, E and most of our B vitamins. They are also a rich source of anthocyanins, powerful antioxidants that give blackberries their deep purple colour. So that makes that beer a super food right?

















For some reason, every time I am playing with berries it looks like I have been murdering someone, cutting up their bodies and stuffing them into barrels. The moral of this story is don’t get the brewer angry. You just don’t know what may happen.




If you ever have a huge amount of black berries I recommend making Snaps.


  1. Rinse the fresh blackberries carefully.
  1. Use a clean glass jar with tight-fitting lid.
  2. Fill 1/2 to 2/3 of the jar with fully ripe berries.
  3. Fill up with clear, unflavoured vodka – 40-50% alcohol content.
  4. Steep for a few months in a dark place at room temperature, 18-20°C.
  5. Shake lightly and taste it from time to time.
  6. Strain and filter your imix into a clean glass bottle or jar with tight-fitting lid.

You can serve your blackberry snaps after it has settled for a couple of days. It has a fresh, fruity taste. Or you can age it for 4-6 months in a dark place at room temperature before serving. I like ageing it in barrels but I also have adorable 3L barrels hanging around to do that in. You can also add sugar into the blend if you would like a sweeter liquor type snaps.