There is a holiday in Denmark that you won’t find on the calendar, but is widely celebrated nonetheless. It’s a day that brings Danes out in full force, decked out in elf hats and in an awfully merry mood. Just what is this quasi-holiday, you ask? It’s J-Day, the day that brewing giant Tuborg releases its annual Christmas beer, known as julebryg. And it all gets underway on the last Friday in November. Now the craft beer scene wanted to have nothing to do with this beer so created their own day called ØJ day which is generally held the day before the Tuborg J-Day and with craft beer bars filling their taps with a variety of Christmas beers.

So being in Denmark, a Christmas beer had to be brewed.

My delightful husband told me that you really have to go all in for Christmas. So this is how I spent my 10 Hour brew day wearing a dress that is incredibly imapropriate for brewery work while listening to my Christmas playlist non stop. Even with the costume I think Christian regretted it by the end of the day.