One of the things that is wonderful starting up a business on a small island that realestate is a touch less expensive than on the mainland. Finding the old fishing factory was amazing for a few good reasons. 1. High cellings 2. Drains and sloped floors 3. Insulated rooms 4. Plenty of space 5. Cheap!

The not so amazing part is that it had not been inhabited since the early 80’s. 1983 to be exact. We have the newspaper to prove it. Nothing much has changed in Eksra Bladet (Danish tabloid) but the page 9 girl definitely is more naked and much less groomed than the current page 9 girls.

The next task was to get it ready for use. This involved cleaning, painting, cleaning, bashing holes in walls and closing up other holes, tidying and more cleaning. It takes a lot of time to get 1000 sqm in working order. A few months in fact. Luckily we had no issues with left over smells from the previous tenants.