Thursday 7th of November from 14:00 at the Amager Bryghus Taproom Bryggen

‘Tap takeover’ and ‘Meet the Brewer’ are two very popular events promoted by beer bars. For the new Amager Bryghus Bryggen place, however, they wanted to kick the door open with something a bit less obvious and possibly way more fun.

Festival after festival, bar after bar, we are to this day often faced with a growing-but-still-small number of women. And unfortunately a lot of breweries still operate with a dismal ratio of XY to XX.

But please note we said ‘often’ and ‘a lot of’. Meaning not everyone follows the rule.

The crew didn’t have to look too far to find an astounding number of females that are absolutely kicking ass in this beloved industry of ours. From marketing to sales to packaging to recipe creation, brewing and even blending, to managing and running the show, the roles not occupied, but MASTERED by these wonderful creatures are so varied we can safely say there is no pattern to follow, no lengths to which they won’t go, no sack of malt too heavy, no tank too dirty. They are here to test the limits of quality, creativity, good customer service, organizational skills, cleanliness, hoppiness, innovation, and spreadsheets with more variables – and more sense – you imagined possible.

And because they were so lucky to be surrounded by all this talent, they wanted to share, because sharing is caring and deep down we do. So this gathering will be held in an attempt to spread awareness, share information and promote equality. They want younger generations and those new to the industry to see there is space for everyone in beer and no limitations to what your aspirations in the industry can be. They wish to deconstruct social stigmas surrounding women and remind people that gender roles do not belong in beer – or anywhere else. They would like to provide clarity to those still confused about how variations in the workplace are a positive thing and how changing the dynamics to a more heterogeneous environment leads to new ideas, healthy debates, stronger bonds, professional growth and overall better work-life.

Needless to say, they do not believe in segregation. All are welcome, and they would love for you to make use of this opportunity to ask these great women all your questions but also tell them your own stories and even talk shop. A lot of them are traveling far for this, a lot of them are originally from even further, so don’t be shy, and don’t waste the moment: they’re here for you! We will have 13 participating breweries being represented by one (or two and some even 3!) badasses, each brewery with a keg of their own, so expect a lot of variety. The following day the same people will be at the brewery for a collab to be released a few weeks later, both at the brewery and selected bars across town ?


– To Øl
– Dry & Bitter
– Beerbliotek
– Penyllan
– Braw
– O/O
– Lervig
– Secret Sisters
– Slowburn Brewing Co-op
– Hop Notch