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Follow our life in the brewery crafting wild ales using barrels and our Garden Party yeast culture. For updates when a new post arrives follow us on Facebook
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The Master of Hoppets talking about Natalie

                It was great to see Peter and the guys from The Master of Hoppets talking about the gorgeous Natalie. I actually think they do a much better job of it than I do. They are drinking bottle 106 . of 284. I do love their thoughts about the old ale style....

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New 3000L Botti

    The other day our new 30hl botti from Montepulciano arrived. We have been so so happy with the results from our other foudres that I just want more! The beautiful red Nobile di Montepulciano was only emptied from it just before it was sent straight to the island....

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Sea Buckthorn

        Sea Buckthorn is a very Scandinavian berry. I had only heard of it but never tasted it before I moved here. On the island there is a wonderful couple that moved here to start up a sea buckthorn plantation. Camilla and Mads have created Høstet which they...

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Red Currants

          Driving around Bornholm one day we went past one of the little road side stalls that we like to shop at. They have wonderful herbs, kale and leaks generally but on this day we noticed a little sign saying that they also had red currants and we just had to...

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BBQ Plum Sauce

Plums boost the tangy-sweet flavour of this quick homemade barbecue sauce, which is finger-licking good on grilled chicken, pork (ribs, especially), and duck. Wait until the meat is almost cooked before brushing on the sauce, lest it burn.       Ingredients 2 cups...

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Plum Cocktail

Plum Rosemary Gin Fizz                                           Two things that grow like crazy here on Bornholm; Rosemary and Plum. And we always have gin close at hand. This drink is part plum smash and part gin fizz. In that you smash stuff and top it off with...

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An Incredible Season for Plums

                            What a year it has been for fruit on this beautiful island. Every time we walk through the forest close to us there is something to nibble on. I like walks that provide me with snacks. Anyway the plums have gone crazy. All over the island...

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Hand Labeled, Signed and Numbered

                                    At last! I know I have been talking about selling some of our beers for a while now (around three years) but this is finally happening. The bottles are being labeled (by me and by hand) then signed and numbered. It made me realize...

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Epic Blending Session – A Beer With Black Currants

               What a day! Tasting, tasting and a bit more tasting and then onto blending. We have an incredible black currant beer in one of the Chianti foudres. We brewed it in 2015, pitched in 500kg of Black Currants in 2016 and in 2018 we have decided that it is...

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BXL BeerFest

                We were pretty blown way to be included in the BXL BeerFest in Brussels. Especially as we wery the only Danish brewery to be invited. With the likes of Cantillon, 3 Fonteinen, Tilquin, Jester King, De Cam, De Ranke, Pit Caribou, Dieu Du Ciel etc and...

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Photography by our friends Thomas Knudsen, Kasper Buchart ThyeSemko Balcerski og Mikael Sejer.

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