I am so excited about heading to Roma again so soon! The pallet left the brewery a few weeks ago and was sold out before it made it to Roma. That is always a good sign. Anyway, we are doing an event with BeerHere on Saturday the 16th of November and below is what the bar has written. See you there!!!!!


Bornholm, Danish island in the Baltic Sea. Does it sound familiar? No, of course not. Why should it?

Because if you love beer this island is the home of two of Scandinavia’s most interesting brewing projects.

We are talking about Penyllan Brewery and Beer Here or Jessica Andersen and Christian Skovdal Andersen that we would like to host with us Saturday, November 16th.

Beer Here is an old knowledge of the craft world. Operating since 2008 and then in 2015 Christian opened the brewery in Bornholm. 1500lt per batch and a known for his Stouts and IPA.

Penyllan is instead Jessica’s creature. Small batch, “The Garden Party” (cultivation of yeasts of the house) and use of the abundant raw materials given by the island. All left to age in barrels. What more could you want?

Taplist + bottlelist shortly?

“The past is only the future with the lights on”