Sea Buckthorn is a very Scandinavian berry. I had only heard of it but never tasted it before I moved here. On the island there is a wonderful couple that moved here to start up a sea buckthorn plantation. Camilla and Mads have created Høstet which they started from little baby plants and nurtured into beautiful products. Normally I would be getting the sea buckthorn from them but this year because of the crazy summer I was able to pick it wild.

On the beach close to our home on the west cost of Bornholm, we have for years been disappointed as there was a huge amount of sea buckthorn plants but all male so no fruit. This year some female plants obviously moved in, and the result was incredible. Fruit everywhere! Picking is not super pleasant as they like the cliffs close to the sea so there is generally climbing involved and also they have the wonderful defence mechanism of large thorns. But that didn’t matter. All in the name of beer right?

If you have ever tasted sea buckthorn you will know that each berry packs in a whole lot of flovour and that flavour is very very tart. The nice change of finding them growing on the seaside is that they have a lovey salty touch as well. Now to freeze them down, pick all the fruit and pop them into barrels.


Did you know that Sea buckthorn berries are used for preventing infections, improving sight, and slowing the aging process. Sounds good to me.