What a year it has been for fruit on this beautiful island. Every time we walk through the forest close to us there is something to nibble on. I like walks that provide me with snacks. Anyway the plums have gone crazy. All over the island there are fruit trees with beautiful fruit weighing them down. We have incredible Mirabelle Plums here and in a variety of colours and sizes and they are glorious.

I wanted so many and could pick enough and was contacted buy a local woman named Bodil who had an abundance and wanted to sell them to us. Every few days she would call with another 20kg that she had picked with her Granddaughter Adele. 

We then had to find the right beers. We tasted a lot of beer and found three barrels that should hopefully go gloriously well with the plums. We froze them all down and then added them all to a very sour golden ale, a tripple and another mild blonde ale. All which have been in barrels since 2015. Cant wait to see how they develop. More news in six months or so.