This year’s Danish Brewery of the Year 2020 must be found!  The local branches of Danish Beer Enthusiasts each nominate one brewery for the prize awarded in December, and the local branches Bornholm, Helsingør and Holstebro have nominated Penyllan.

Penyllan is Denmark’s first brewery dedicated to barrel-aged and wild-fermented beers and was started in 2015 by Jessica and Christian Andersen.  Based on a yeast culture collected under an apple tree in the couple’s garden, complex and sour beers are created on used wine and spirits barrels with local ingredients from the brewery’s hometown, Bornholm.

As well as the brewing, care and blending of the beers, they are hand bottled and the labels are hand-drawn, signed and numbered by Jessica.  It is possible to visit Penyllan all year round and see the barrels, where the beer matures for at least 2-5 years before release.  You can also enjoy a draft beer in the brewery’s bar overlooking Tejn Harbor or buy some bottles to take home with you.

Local branch Helsingør’s recommendation reads:

”The local branch in Helsingør recommends Penyllan on Bornholm for their tireless efforts for the cask-aged beer.  Demonstrates a taste of a series of imperial Stouts from the collaboration with Ghost Brewing. ”

Local department Holstebro’s recommendation is:

“Like last year, the local branch of Holstebro recommends Penyllan to continue to have a high international standard on their series of sours in all possible and impossible types.

It is seen in many places in the beer world that a brewery launches a new brand to make the beer from there appear more exclusive than the usual, regular range.  That trend is taking Penyllan to whole new heights.

With great skill, Jessica and Christian Skovdal Andersen have found, cultivated and carefully selected the house’s own wild yeast, ‘Garden Party’, and when they then add it to cask-aged beer, the result is high, international class.

Beer releases from Penyllan are of a quality that is rarely seen in this country, and it finds its natural place on the very top shelf of extreme luxury.  Their beers cost a lot of money, but are worth every penny.

The beers are among the best beer experiences we in Holstebro have had in a really long time, and therefore our nomination for Danish Brewery of the Year naturally falls in the direction of the small ultra-exclusive brewery at the far end of the country. ”

Bornholm’s local branch’s recommendation is:

The Bornholm department recommends Penyllan for their great commitment to the world of beer.  There are often new experimental beers in the taps.

“Christian and Jessica have good events all year round in the brewery and beer bar with music and food. ”

This year’s Danish Brewery 2020 will be voted on by Danish Beer Enthusiasts members in November.  Each member must vote once.  The award will be presented at the winning brewery in December.  Only breweries nominated by one of Danske Ølentusiaster’s 50 local branches are in the running for the prize.

Fingers Crossed!!!

Read more about the Danish Brewery of the Year (in danish) here.