Driving around Bornholm one day we went past one of the little road side stalls that we like to shop at. They have wonderful herbs, kale and leaks generally but on this day we noticed a little sign saying that they also had red currants and we just had to call. So we did. We walked down the beautiful drive to the old homestead and met up with the people who owned it. And they took us in and got us the red currants. They actually had 20kg for us which is about the minimum we put in our barrels so that was great. And they were also already frozen which was perfect as that’s how we like to use them. We think that it helps the berries breakdown once they get put into the beer. Anyway we took them all, made sure they had our details so we could get lots more next year and then headed back to the brewery to find a beer to put them in.






Red currants are small, round fruits that bear a slight resemblance to grapes. That is if grapes were smaller, rounder and rosy red with a totally different taste. These sweet, juicy berries are commonly used in jams, sauces and various baked goods, or are simply eaten by hand as a snack. On Bornholm they are also used to make red currant wine. Akin to gooseberries, red currants come equipped with a plenitude of vitamins and minerals.