It was great to see Peter and the guys from The Master of Hoppets talking about the gorgeous Natalie. I actually think they do a much better job of it than I do. They are drinking bottle 106 . of 284. I do love their thoughts about the old ale style. It is a bit of a lost style and this is just my interpretation of what I think the style is like. Though not really 100% traditional. These guys have really great palates.


The Master writes..

I finally got around to trying some Penyllan Brewery¬†and it sure didn’t disappoint! This is Natalie, a 12% Old Ale aged in bourbon & cognac barrels. I really like how they attempted to brew an Old Ale according to tradition, by doing clean fermentation and later on inoculating the beer with brett. It had loads of dried dark fruit, caramel, pine tobacco, oak, vanilla etc. I hope to see more historic beers like this from Penyllan, like an Adambier for example!???”

Check out the video below:

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