Below you find some information of the blends and beers we have released

Creating Penyllan Beers

Our beers are brewed by hand in 1000 liter batches and depending on the recipe, either fermented with our house culture “Garden Party” or fermented with an ale yeast before being inoculated with Garden Party in the barrel.

Over the span of some years, Garden Party will work its magic and slowly take the beer into the direction we want. Some barrels ends up exactly as we imagined, while others need to be blended to obtain perfect balance. Sometimes we blend in an older vintage to get acidity and complexity, and sometimes we blend in fresher beer to balance and smooth out flavours.

We will often add fruit to the beer at some point in the process. This is not because we are looking for the beer to actually taste of fruit. What we are looking for are the uniquely complex flavours that come from the fruit being transformed by the micro organisms by the mysterious process of bio-transformation.

After the beer is matured and blended it is bottled with a little fresh yeast and a bit of sugar allowing it to undergo a third fermentation in the bottle. This bottle conditioning process is very important to the finished product because it keeps the beer alive, which will allow it to mature and develop for years.

2020 Releases

Eartha 2016

Strong Ale Aged on Sour Cherries for two years in a red wine barrel


Old ale aged on blackberries in red wine and bourbon barrels.

2019 Releases

Roxy Bourbon

Blend of strong trappist ale and a tart barleywine. This edition of Roxy was aged on first and second filled bourbon barrels for three years.


Golden ale aged in a solera-type foudre for 12 months. Our freshest beer.


Strong Ale Aged on Sour Cherries for two years in a red wine barrel


Golden ale matured in Sherry barrel with wild raspberries

Roxy Cognac & Bordeaux

Blend of strong trappist ale and a tart barleywine. This edition of Roxy was aged on a mix of cognac and bordeaux barrels for three years.


Collaboration with Jester King. Tart Pale Ale brewed with Hay and Juniper and aged in wine barrels.


Stock ale created as a cuvee of a milk stout and a quadrupel aged in a 1000 liter cognac barrel.


Single barrel sour ale aged on a bordeaux cask.


Sour red ale with wild blackberries

2018 Releases


Balsamic brown ale aged in red wine barrels


Hoppy golden ale aged and dry hopped in champagne casks


Old ale brewed with trappist yeast and aged on used bourbon casks


Solera based cuvee of three beers aged in red wine foudre


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Photography by our friends Thomas Knudsen, Kasper Buchart ThyeSemko Balcerski og Mikael Sejer.

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