We were pretty blown way to be included in the BXL BeerFest in Brussels. Especially as we wery the only Danish brewery to be invited. With the likes of Cantillon, 3 Fonteinen, Tilquin, Jester King, De Cam, De Ranke, Pit Caribou, Dieu Du Ciel etc and then little us with only a few years in the making.

The festival was incredible. With an opening party with a beer list like the below (Sorry about all the scribbles. I had to remember what I had drunk) and gorgeous food it was off to a great start. Then supurb organization by the crew as well as wonderful volunteers. One of my volunteers got a tad drunk and decided I was the most amazing woman in the world but I am sort of ok with these sort of drunk people. And then there was the obviously mind-blowing list of beers and the staff the other two things that set the festival apart was the food and the glasses. The range of food was outstanding! From a board of Belgian cheeses, Belgian chocolates, burgers, fish and chips, fermented things, bbq, beer braised meat etc. Yum! I want to go back for the food.

And the last little point was the glasses. Now this may not seam like much to some but having a freshly cleaned glass for every beer makes a huge difference. And the volunteers would disappear dirty glasses and have a fresh rack of clean ones there constantly. Anyway, the festival was marvelous! Lots of great beer and of course incredible people. Old friends and lots of new ones. Hopefully we get to go back again. Thanks!