What a day! Tasting, tasting and a bit more tasting and then onto blending. We have an incredible black currant beer in one of the Chianti foudres. We brewed it in 2015, pitched in 500kg of Black Currants in 2016 and in 2018 we have decided that it is ready to have a play with. So after a couple of hours of tasting and experimenting we came up with this blend:

55% of a tart blonde ale aged fermented with the Garden Party culture in a Chianti foudre since 2015 with the 500kg of Black Currants.

20% of a strong blonde ale with our Garden party culture aged in a Cognac barrel.

15% of a blonde started with the Jester King culture blended with and a saison.

10% of a year old strong brown ale.

And then we are dry hopping it with wild hops from the island. And maybe a bit of Mosaic as well. All of which add something different to the beer.

You know. Just something simple. We will blend it soon and then start the carbonation testing process. I love my job!